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Market Day - Sunday 3 March, 10:00am - 2:00pm

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The conference and workshop programs will be complemented by a craft and design market held at the National Museum of Australia in the Garden of Dreams on Sunday 3 March 2013 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Indigenous artists from across Australia will sell their work with all proceeds going directly to the artists. The market day will be complemented by a series of free demonstrations and free activities for the public.

We are continuing to accept Expressions of interest (DOC 1.5 MB) if you or someone you know may be interested in participating.

Alice Springs Beanie Festival

The Alice Springs Beanie Festival will be selling Indigenous 'Mukata' (beanies) along with other handmade beanies. Alice Springs Beanie Festival merchandise (including T-shirts, postcards, and cookbooks).

Australian National Botanic Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens will be selling South Eastern Australian coil basket technique samples by Jenny Dries, baskets from the Northern Territory and basket weaving plants.

Babbarra Designs Hand Printed Fabrics

Lino printed silk and cotton fabric lengths printed by artists at the Babbarra Women's Centre at Maningrida, Northern Territory, reflecting daily life, rituals and ceremony.

Bandu Catering

Bandu Catering is a local company that will be providing Indigenous and non Indigenous food for sale, catering for all tastes, especially for those willing to try something more adventurous.

Lois Connor

Lois Connor will be selling products made from native materials from America. They will include baby baskets, soap root brushes, and some abalone shell necklaces.

Euraba Artists and Papermakers

Euraba Artists and Papermakers will be selling new embossed and pulp painted artworks and a range of individually handcrafted paper, cards and gift products.

Gaawaa Miyay

Gaawaa Miyay / River Daughter combines the tradition of storytelling with contemporary Indigenous design to create homewares and accessories such as cushions, lampshades, tea towels and scarves by Aboriginal designer Lucy Simpson.

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts Aboriginal Corporation

Gapuwiyak artists will be selling their natural dyed fibre objects such as : twined mats and baskets, coiled baskets, mats, bulpus (twined tubular) and looped stringbags, and pandanus sculptures.

Ghostnets Australia and Erub Ewer Meta

These two groups will be sharing a stall and presenting items made from ghostnets (reclaimed nest and ropes). The DVD, The Young Man and the GhostNet will be on sale alongside necklaces made from seed, clay and shell.

Injalak Arts and Crafts Association

Injalak Arts and Crafts will sell a range of handprinted home accessories and garments. Products will include fabric lengths, T-shirts, clothing, and soft furnishings.

HOW - Hands on Weavers

Drawn from the Wingaghan Waggadha Waybarra: Women of Wagga weaving, this group will sell cultural fibre craft including brooches, dillybags, large and small baskets, necklaces, lino prints, bangles, sisters baskets and handbags.

Kemarre Arts

Kemarre Arts will be selling screen printed silk wall hangings, scarves and shawls alongside hand painted glass plates, kiln-formed glass Dreaming Windows, engraved glass baby turtle shells and fabric coil technique dilly bags.

Lola Greeno

Lola is a textile artist and jeweller from Tasmania and she will sell a range of shell bracelets, shell choker necklaces, medium length necklaces, shell craft and fibre craft.

Merrepen Arts

Merrepen Arts will be selling items such as lengths of fabrics, cushion covers, small purses and weavings from fabrics that have been designed and printed by Nauiyu artists.

Miwi-inyeri Pelepi-ambi Aboriginal Corporation

This group of Ngarrindjeri and other Aboriginal weavers and artists will sell woven objects made from rushes and recycled and found materials and objects.

Original Aboriginal Creations

Clair Bates from the Malingappa, Paakantji/Barkantji (Darling River) people of western NSW will be selling hand-painted jewellery and baskets made from Quandong seeds, native grasses and reeds.

Renee Smith, Rhonda Smith, Dianne Jerrard and David Dixon

This group of artists will sell a range of fibre arts including nuno felted scarves with machine embroidery, screenprinted table runners, and placemats, cushions, beanies and scarves, bags, rag dolls and batik.

Shelley Monkland

Shelley Monkland, from Ti Tree, Northern Territory will be selling screen printed, lino printed and hand-dyed fabrics using sustainable, eco-friendly techniques and materials.

Ceretha Skinner

Local textile artist and screen printer Ceretha Skinner will be selling screen printed fabric calico and cotton printed bags, T-shirts, headbands, travel rugs and tea towels.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Tjanpi artists will be selling an array of sculptural works made from natural fibres collected from their country which they use along with other materials including wool, raffia, bedding and string.

Wamba Wamba Womens Weaving Group

The WambaWamba Women’s Weaving Group will be selling miniature (Kutenyuk) sister basket necklaces made from dyed raffia, handmade string and Quandong seeds along with woven coolamons, big sister baskets, and leather work.

Yarrenyty Arltere Artists

YarrenytyArltere Artists from Larapinta Valley Town Camp in Alice Springs will be selling soft sculptures and silk scarves made from naturally dyed recycled woollen blankets.

Yuranua Centre

The Yuranua Centre provides support to Indigenous students at the Canberra Institute of Technology. The students will be presenting Yuranua calico bags, sets of cards featuring student artwork, and arts and fibre crafts produced at the centre.


These demonstrations will be held throughout the day for the public to observe.

Palm frond weaving - with Erub Erwer Meta, Torres Strait, QLD

Artists from Darnley Island will demonstrate Palm Frond Weaving. Erub Erwer Meta (Our Learning House at Erub) works to revitalise traditional transfer of Indigenous knowledge and culture and share it with the world.

Native American weaving - with Lois Conner, USA

Demonstration of Native American weaving with plant materials. Lois Conner, of the Chukchansi Tribe, has been weaving for over 30 years. She learnt the techniques of coiling and twining from her grandmothers and aunts.

Fashion - with Renee Smith, ACT

Presentation of Indigenous fashion design. Renee Smith is an artist, textile designer and screen printer living in Canberra. She is originally from Tingha in New South Wales.


These activities are open for the public to drop in to and have a go. There is no signing up process and there is no fee for participation.

Ghostnets - with Sue Ryan, QLD

Ghostnets is the term used for the fishing debris floating in our northern oceans and destroying wildlife. The material washed up on our beaches is put to new use in fibre constructions. Have a go at making at turtle!

Beanie Making - with Adi Dunlop, Alice Springs

Beanie Making is a fascinating creative form using colour and texture - all the thrills of yarn, knitting and crochet.

Stitching Meadow Hay - with Nalda Searles

Meadow Hay is cheap and easily accessible and a great fibre to use for three-dimensional construction of objects and sculptural forms. Come and experiment to see what you can create.