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Gay Epstein

Director, Ashford Australia Spinning and Weaving


Widely traveled, Gay has a passion for spinning, weaving and fibrecraft and has been fortunate to visit many remote communities around the world sharing her knowledge. She has been a workshop convener at 'Beanie Fest' in Alice Springs for the past 6 years and has worked with women in remote communities making felt mukata (beanies).

Gay is the daughter of the late Walter Ashford, founder of Ashford Spinning Wheels, New Zealand and has an established network throughout Australia for Ashford products. She conducts workshops in spinning, weaving, felting and 'Money Spinners', and often officiates at Guild and other textile events as a judge and speaker.

Gay qualified as one of New Zealand's first women Industrial Designers and came to Australia in 1968 for the Australian Wool Board and David Jones, to demonstrate a new 'craze' - spinning.

Gay says she spins a different thread, has a yarn to tell and believes that spinning makes the world go round.

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