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Roslyn Malngumba



Roslyn is a Liya-Dhalinymirr elder, the daughter of Djukamawuy and Marathuwarr. Roslyn was educated on her custodial countries by her families as they cut cypress pine and traded crocodile skins with the mission at Galiwin'ku, Elcho Island.

In her early teens Roslyn and her families paddled by canoe to Galiwin’ku where she attended the local school. Two years later she returned to Mäpuru and her custodial lands on the mainland adjacent to Galiwin'ku. In the late 1990s Roslyn again returned to Galiwin'ku to begin work at the resource centre office, eventually becoming the pay clerk.

Then in 2005 Roslyn returned to Mäpuru to support her mothers with the Arnhem Weavers workshops and also to move her children and grandchildren away from the dysfunction and destructive influences ever present in the Galiwin'ku township.

Roslyn currently organises the weaving workshops and is employed at the local school. Her boundless energy bears testimony to her commitment that she and her families will forge a sustainable future on their Home-lands.

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