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Nalda Searles



In 1986, during the America Cup celebrations, I was invited to loan fibre accessories I had made to accompany fashions made by members of the Marribank Nyoongar Community.

Then in the early 1990s I worked on a street art project for almost 2 years in Kalgoorlie. Here Pantjiti Mary Mclean and, shortly thereafter, her Western Desert family entered my life.

Mary and I travelled to her country on numerous occasions and I was always somehow or other involved in workshops in those regions through these connections and it has remained so for many years. In 1996, Thisbe Purich and I met at an Ngaatjatjarra language course run at ECU and this propelled me along as well.

Women living in urban locations have invited me to do workshops in fibre craft many times. So now, there is hardly a region in WA, which I have not visited in my capacity as a fibre workshop tutor.

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