Selling Yarns 2

Innovation for sustainability



Andy Greenslade

Curator, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program, National Museum of Australia


Andy Greenslade is a Curator in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program at the National Museum of Australia, and is co-convener of Selling Yarns 2

Andy has a diverse professional background. Her early professional experience was in art education in the United Kingdom, followed by specialist work with school students with behavioural and educational problems. After migrating to Australia, she ran a small business undertaking cultural activities and consultancy work, specialising in Indigenous art and culture. This included co-curating two National Indigenous Heritage Art Awards and curating a travelling regional Indigenous art exhibition. The business also ran community art classes and art training.

Andy began her involvement with the National Museum in 2001, working on Tracking Kultja: the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Festival, which celebrated the living cultures of Australia’s Indigenous communities. Since then, she has curated a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Museum. These include the Goolari Media exhibition and the 70% Urban contemporary art exhibition. She is currently working with the Lockhart River community in preparing a community exhibit for the Museum planned for 2010.

Andy Greenslade is the convenor for the Sustainability and the use of materials session at Friday 6 March 2009 1:00 - 2:10pm.