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Lindy Allen

Senior Curator, Indigenous Cultures Department, Museum Victoria


Lindy Allen is Senior Curator for Northern Australian Collections at Museum Victoria. She has worked for 30 years in the museum sector and curated around 30 major exhibitions. She works with many Indigenous fibre artists in northern and from southeastern Australia. Lindy's research interests are mostly in Aboriginal material culture in museum collections, most particularly fibre work, as well as Aboriginal art, museology, museum anthropology and visual anthropology. She has undertaken extensive fieldwork and fostered relationships with a number of communities in the Northern Territory and Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. Currently Lindy is the Partner Investigator (Industry) on an ARC Linkage Project, ' Oral tradition, memory and social change: Indigenous participation and in the curation and use of museum collections' with the University of Queensland and Deakin University. This project is with Lamalama people of east Cape York and includes the production of a short documentary film on the importance of women's knowledge and women's places as evident through the practice of making of string and bags currently continued by only one senior woman. Lindy was also a member of the curatorium for the 2005 exhibition, WOVEN FORMS: Contemporary basket making in Australia produced by OBJECT Gallery in Sydney.

Lindy Allen is the convenor for the Museums as drivers for innovative practice session at Saturday 7 March 2009 9:05 - 10:30am.