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Boby Vosinthavong

Manager, Lao Silk and Craft


In 2006 Boby Vosinthavong established Lao Silk & Craft in Melbourne to represent her family's silk farming and handicraft cooperative in Laos. Both Lao Sericulture Company (label "Mulberries") and Phontong/Camacrafts Handicrafts Cooperative are supported by Lao Silk & Craft.

Lao Silk & Craft aims to bring quality Lao silk and craft products to the Australian and International markets to advance the economic, social, cultural and environmental activities of Lao grass-root communities.

In February 2008 Boby invited her mother Kommaly Chanthavong, a master weaver and Director of Lao handicraft cooperative, to promote her life work in traditional silk farming and weaving. Boby successfully co-presented the Melbourne 2008 Sustainable Living Festival, Canberra ANU's School of Art Tapestry 2008 exhibition and Sydney Powerhouse Museum illustrative talks.

Boby is passionate about her culture, her family and supporting Laos community. She hopes that through providing quality silk products and information about its origins will generate customer support to ensure the sustainability of Laos village communities.

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