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Trish Barnard

Senior Curator, Indigenous Studies, Queensland Museum


Trish Barnard (formerly Johnson) is the Senior Curator, Indigenous Studies in the Cultures and Histories program at the Queensland Museum. Barnard has experience in the interpretation of collections and the curation of exhibitions, and co-curated 'Story Place: Indigenous Art of Cape York' and the 'Rainforest' at the Queensland Art Gallery, 2003 with Peter Denham. Her interests focus on articulating the complex relationships between Indigenous art and culture, contemporary arts, new developments and innovations within the industry.

Barnard contributed to the 'Dandiiri Maiwar: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures Centre' at the Queensland Museum and 'Enchanted Rainforest' at Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville. She co-curated the touring exhibition 'Woven Forms' through Object Gallery, Sydney contributes critiques of exhibitions and commentary on contemporary Indigenous art to journals such as Machine Magazine, World of Antiques and Art, Artery Magazine, Queensland Artworkers Alliance, Textile Fibre Forum and Art & Australia.

Barnard is passionate about research on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historical and contemporary perspectives and embraces opportunities to collate information that will enhance public understanding.

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