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Daphne Nash

PhD Candidate, Research School of Humanities, ANU


Daphne Nash is currently a doctoral student at the ANU Research School of Humanities in the final stage of candidature. As part of the ARC Linkage Project Indigenous Knowledge and Science Pedagogy, Daphne's thesis focuses on the Indigenous Knowledge of Aboriginal people on the South Coast of NSW. Multi-sited fieldwork has included research on a range of contemporary art and craft activities including shell and fibre art.

Daphne has a BA, Litt.B and MA from ANU. In her MA thesis she investigated the social and cultural motivations for traditional and modern plant management practices in three Central Australian Aboriginal communities. With a Graduate Diploma in Education, she taught ESL in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory as well as being a Teacher Librarian in ACT primary and secondary schools. A continuing interest in Indigenous cultural heritage led to her Degree in Cultural Heritage Studies from UC in 2003.

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All that glitters … : an exploration of Aboriginal women's knowledge production in shell-art practise on the South Coast of NSW